remember shows?



02/22/16: Hidden Valley/Cooler Ranch, NB, NJ w/Fuhgawee Hunting Club, Bleeders, Quit
03/05/16: Meatlocker, Montclair, NJ w/Clam Jam, Archie Alone, Dani May, Divorce, Early Morning Adventure
03/16/16: Kung Fu Necktie, Philly, PA w/Big Quiet, Josh Alvarez, Carolee
03/20/16: Meatlocker, Montclair, NJ w/Kult of Mary, Hollow-Eyed, Other Things
04/14/16: In the West, NB, NJ w/Dasher, Arsenic, Weird Fantasy Band, Horsecops
04/22/16: Spaghetti House, Kutztown, PA w/The Soft Maybes, Bleeders, Suburban White Males
04/23/16: Skramden Yardz, Baltimore, MD w/The Soft Maybes, Bilge Rat, Short Skirt, Violet Ripkin
04/24/16: Kung Fu Necktie, Philly, PA w/The Soft Maybes, Pet, Knights Templar
05/01/16: In the West, NB, NJ w/Biggbutt, Casual, Jr. July
05/28/16: The Pharmacy, Philly, PA w/King Azaz, Hashcult, Sour Spirit
06/02/16: Pony Palace (moved to ITW), NB, NJ w/Kiss Concert, Fond Han
06/04/16: Do Your Worst and Don’t Worry #50, In the West, NB, NJ w/Dog Date, The Spectres
06/09/16: Paradise Lost, NB, NJ w/West Jersey Airport, Dories, doffing, Hole in the Earth
06/14/16: Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY w/Spit, Real Things, Crumbsnatchers
06/16/16: Kilkenny Ale House, Newark, NJ w/Joy Cleaner, Whiner, Sink Tapes
06/27/16: Mill Hill Saloon, Trenton, NJ w/Borzoi, Leche, Dave ID
07/01/16: Golds, NB, NJ w/Resounding No, Spowder, Dog Date, Ubetcha, + Go Go Gameshow
07/02/16: Distant Castle, Worcester, MA w/Resounding No, Gnards, Big Mess
07/03/16: Wilder Valderama’s House, Lowell, MA w/Resounding No, Tiffany’s House, Big Mess, Squash
07/04/16: Fish House, New Haven, CT w/Resounding No, Pet, Blue Smiley, Pug, Crag Mask, Hann Cassidy
07/31/16: J House, NB, NJ w/The Soft Maybes, Gnards, Gulps
08/09/16: In the West, NB, NJ w/Sex Snobs, Resounding No, Joy Cleaner, Empty Vessels, + Go Go Gameshow
09/14/16: Golds, NB, NJ w/Painted Zeros, Spowder, Bethlehem Steel, + Go Go Gameshow
09/28/16: In the West, NB, NJ w/Wet Nurse, Joy Cleaner, Secretary Legs
10/01/16: The Nest, Cincinnati, OH w/Cross Country, Swim Team, Baus, Mardou
10/02/16: Naughty Dog, Bloomington, IN w/Jacky Boy, Doozie
10/04/16: 529, Atlanta, GA w/Death Valley Girls, Death Stuff, Nag
10/05/16: Static Age Records, Asheville, NC w/Wyla, Tongues of Fire
10/06/16: The Station, Charlotte, NC w/Alright, Church Girls, Charles Walker
10/07/16: Toast, Norfolk, VA w/Bato, Uglyography
10/08/16: Skramden Yardz, Baltimore, MD w/Lilac Daze, Dan Mansion, T4oUaD
10/09/16: The Pharmacy, Philly, PA w/Absolutely Not, Janelle, Bryant Eugene Vazquez, Altes Schwert
11/19/16: In the West, NB, NJ w/Gnards, Kiss Concert, West Jersey Airport
12/09/16: Golds, NB, NJ w/Fond Han, Spowder, Yairms
12/16/16: J House, NB, NJ w/Spowder, Lunch Ladies, Professor Caveman


01/05/17: Aisle 3, NB, NJ w/Secret Mountain, Cool Shark, Long Neck, Pine Barons
01/11/17: Signal to Noise, WFDU, Teaneck, NJ
01/12/16: The Pharmacy, Philly, PA w/Pat Graham, Del Paxton, Living Room, The Baddie Brigade
02/11/17: Yacht Club, Asbury Park, NJ w/Big Quiet, Anderson Council, Brixton Riot
03/11/17: In the West, NB, NJ w/Resounding No, T-Tops, Eternal Fuzz
03/19/17: Twizzler Factory, NB, NJ w/Bunny Boy, My Heart and the Real World, Washer, Bilge Rat
03/30/17: Flemington DIY, Flemington, NJ w/Entia, Harvey Pekar, Garbage Brain
04/20/17: Paradise Lost, NB, NJ w/Spowder (release show), Kult of Mary, Bilge Rat
04/28/17: Paul’s Tavern, Belmar, NJ w/Screaming Females, Night Birds
05/01/17: Bishop Beach at Rutgers, NB, NJ w/Little Engineers, Arcways, Alex Arbeitel, Shark Club, Theory in Context
05/13/17: Harambe’s Heaven, NB, NJ w/Harmony Woods, steve, American Lions
06/16/17: The Meatlocker, Montclair, NJ w/Joy Cleaner, Ultra Deluxe
06/17/17: Flemington DIY, Flemington, NJ w/Ghost Camp, Trench, Goodnight Forever
07/13/17: The Barn, Red Bank, NJ w/Oso Oso, Rest Ashore, Mom Jeans
07/20/17: The Meatlocker, Montclair, NJ w/Ultrabunny, Machinegirl, Garbage Brain
7/27/17: In the West, New Brunswick, NJ w/Spowder, Bilge Rat, Hotline
8/19/17: The Meatlocker, Montclair, NJ w/NGGA, Ultra Deluxe, The Subcultures
8/25/17: Skid Row Garage, York, PA w/Secretary Legs, Small Pollen, Future Dinosaurs
8/26/17: Shed Cellar, Allston, MA w/Secretary Legs, Nice Guys, Banana
8/27/17: Nacho House, New Paltz, NY w/Secretary Legs, DIA, Tiny Blue Ghost
9/03/17: Pig Pen, New Brunswick, NJ (Record Release BBQ) w/Bronco II, Gnards, Uh Huh
9/09/17: Volume IV, New Brunswick, NJ w/Spowder, Mr. Payday, Schwervon!
9/15/17: The Jungeon, Rutherford, NJ w/Secretary Legs, Erotica, Where Is My Spaceship?
9/30/17: Collective a GoGo, Worcester, MA w/Between 3 and 4, Durt Dog, Pete and Lars
10/04/17: George St. Co-Op, New Brunswick, NJ w/Fond Han, Garbage Brain
10/05/17: Rock Room, Pittsburgh, PA w/Tanning Machine, Pummeled, Lampshades
10/06/17: Mahall’s, Cleveland, OH w/Youth Pallet, Low Men in Yellow Coast, Shit Blimp
10/07/17: The Cave, Ypsilanti, MI w/Danny Scully, Summerbruise, Metempsychosis
10/08/17: Burlington Bar, Chicago, IL w/Blake, Munch, Fieldmates
10/09/17: Public Space One, Iowa City, IA w/The Spider Magnets, A Fatal Act of Death
10/10/17: Root Cellar Lounge, Bloomington, IN w/Porunga, Blud Sugar, Doozie
10/12/17: Cafe Bourbon St., Columbus, OH w/Swim Team, Future Nuns, Cosmic Family
10/13/17: Press Club, Huntington, WV w/Wagon, Sox N. Sandels, Emergency States, Atomic Peasant
10/14/17: Toast, Norfolk, VA w/You’re Jovian, Fat Spirit
10/15/17: Lava Space, Philadelphia, PA w/Ronnie Vega, Mujahedeen, Space Fuck
11/03/17: In the West, New Brunswick, NJ w/Sex Snobs, Resounding No
11/11/17: Overnight Sensations, WRSU 88.7 FM, New Brunswick, NJ


01/06/18: Clanker’s Cavern, New Brunswick, NJ w/Baelfire, The Gray Vines
01/12/18: Golds, New Brunswick, NJ w/Two Inch Astronaut, Spowder, Fond Han
01/20/18: Mt. Moon, New Brunswick, NJ w/Uh Huh, Hill Boys, Teenage Halloween
02/09/18: In the West, New Brunswick, NJ w/You’re Jovian, Sweaty
02/16/18: Pino’s, Highland Park, NJ w/Mutual Interest, Risk Relay
02/24/18: The Fruit Cellar, Edison, NJ w/Secretary Legs (release show), Joy Cleaner, Erotica
04/13/18: X-Fest at WMCX, Monmouth, NJ
05/03/18: The Mothership. Philly, PA w/Preen, Bike Crash
05/04/18: Wolves Den, Norfolk, VA w/You’re Jovian
05/05/18: Tea Bazaar, Charlottesville, VA w/You’re Jovian, Stray Fossa
05/08/18: In the West, New Brunswick, NJ w/Secretary Legs, Whelmed, Bad Sleep
05/11/18: Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY w/Outta Gas, Living Room, Bernadette
05/12/18: Mac650 Gallery, Middletown, CT w/Laundry Day, Fond Han, Bilge Rat (solo)
05/22/18: Chamber 43, Highland Park, NJ w/Resounding No, Doll Baby, Bat Boy
06/08/18: Dragon’s Den, East Windsor, NJ w/Meat Wave, Spowder, Florence Foster Jenkins
06/21/18: In the West, New Brunswick, NJ w/Dusk, I Am the Polish Army, Character Actor
07/26/18: The Glove, Brooklyn, NY w/High Pony, Lea, Genre Mono
08/14/18: Liquor Store, New Brunswick, NJ w/Bronco II, Bike Thiefs, Spowder
08/29/18: Hank’s Saloon, Brooklyn, NY w/Basic Bitches, Monte, Yoko Forever
08/30/18: Asbury Park Brewery, Asbury Park, NJ w/Chrome Skulls, Waxjaw, Program
09/17/18: Grand Exchange, New Brunswick, NJ w/Rave Ami, Killer Shrimp
09/21/18: Sue’s Space, Rollinsford, NH w/Notches, Plains, Scare City
09/22/18: Hotel Vernon, Worcester, MA w/Scare City, Blue Ray, Editrix
10/06/18: North Jersey Indie Rock Fest @ White Eagle Hall, Jersey City, NJ
10/12/18: In the West, New Brunswick, NJ w/The Royal They, Resounding No
11/03/18: The Road House (Parlor), New Brunswick, NJ w/Teenage Halloween, Old Joy, Exponential
11/19/18: Wonderbar, Asbury Park, NJ w/Algebra II, Beach Wolff
11/30/18: In the West, New Brunswick, NJ w/Stove, Maneka, Spowder
12/21/18: In the West, New Brunswick, NJ w/Howardian, Mister Goblin, Kissies


03/01/19: Grand Exchange, New Brunswick, NJ w/Fetal Calf Serum, Lkffct, Bunny Boy
03/02/19: Stosh’s, Fair Lawn, NJ w/Resounding No, Ultra Major, Joy Cleaner
03/14/19: Chamber 43, Highland Park, NJ w/Spowder, Jug & the Bugs
03/15/19: Rubulad, Brooklyn, NY w/Spowder, Snakeskin, Language
03/16/19: Mac650 Gallery, Middletown, CT w/Spowder, Perennial, Crag Mask
03/17/19: Flywheel Arts Collective, Easthampton, MA w/Spowder, Nanny, Banana
03/19/19: In the West, New Brunswick, NJ w/Glued, Shut Up, In Trouble
04/11/19: Pet Shop, Jersey City, NJ w/Desir Decir, Viktor.Digital
04/14/19: Post 22 (first show), Merchantville, NJ w/Nervous Triggers, Insignificant Others, Canine10
05/07/19: Roach Motel, New Brunswick, NJ w/Pain Chain + Chuck Steak, Program, KPG
05/22/19: Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ w/Program, Taking Meds, Yarrow
06/07/19: Meatlocker, Montclair, NJ w/Smock, Grim Streaker, Native Sun
07/11/19: White Chapel Projects, Long Branch, NJ w/Hysteria (release show), KPG, Splundr
08/16/19: The Fortress, Jersey City, NJ w/Spowder, Shush
9/07/19: WTSR Underground Live Set @ TCNJ, Ewing, NJ 
09/14/19: Haus of Yarga, Philadelphia, PA w/Snot Hostel, Tide, Bexar
10/12/19: Double Parked Fest, Jersey City, NJ w/Ex Hex
10/25/19: The Zoo, New Brunswick, NJ w/Wyndup Kid, Shinner
11/09/19: State Park, New Brunswick, NJ w/Spowder, Hysteria, Sin Scope
12/05/19: Chamber 43, Highland Park, NJ w/Spowder, Splundr


01/17/20: In the West, NBNJ w/Resounding No, Them Airs, MMMM
01/22/20: FM Bar, Jersey City, NJ w/Rest Ashore, Glass Garden, Window Weather
02/28/20: Mum’s, NBNJ w/Spowder, Shred Flintstone, Gorgeous, MMMM